How Karamu House Went From Deficit to Durability

By Al Heartley

American Theatre Magazine, September 2019

Four years ago the Cleveland theatre was losing money. Now, thanks to savvy, responsive leadership, it’s running a surplus.

April 2019 American Theatre Magazine cover

What Does a Producer Do?

By Al Heartley

American Theatre Magazine, April 2019

As a new generation of producers become nonprofit artistic leaders, they are redefining the parameters of the job.

Fall 2016 The Nonprofit Quarterly magazine cover

The Empty Space: A Look at How Theaters Have Filled Gaps in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

By Al Heartley and Jocelyn Prince

The Nonprofit Quarterly, Fall 2016

There is general consensus among nonprofit arts administrators and boards that our increasingly multicultural society is a reason to embrace diverse perspectives in the arts.


Connectivity in Action

By Jocelyn Prince

Howlround Theatre Commons, October 2013

I now believe that as administrators and artists in non-profit American theaters, we must train ourselves to be allies—not just in our theaters with our co-workers and fellow artists, but also as allies to our audiences in our local communities, in our nation, and in our world.