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Talent Searches

Searching for candidates with the unique skill set your organization needs? We will tap into our network of colleagues and peers to help you find the right talent. Whether you're looking to fill entry level positions or mid-level and executive management roles, we identify promising job seekers and provide specific matches for your review. 

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Job Hunting and Career Building

Looking for a new opportunity in the arts and culture sector? We will work with you on an actionable plan for your career goals and check in with you along the way. Our creative approach to personal brand building will be guided by your experience and passions. 

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Strategic Planning

Are you planning your organization’s future? We will tailor a strategic plan to help you reach your long term institutional and programmatic goals.  Through a process of facilitation, reflection, planning, and implementation, we will provide you with multiple avenues to determine what success looks like for your organization.


Community Building and Social Impact

Is your organization seeking a deeper and more robust relationship with your local community? We initiate partnerships and build coalitions with new patrons and stakeholders. Our process is guided by community organizing principles.